Welcome to Canadian Airline Softball.  We started our tournaments in the spring of 1988 in Clearwater, Florida.  At that time we were known as "Baseball By Wardair".  In 1990, Wardair (Canadian Charter Airline) was bought by Canadian Airlines and we changed our name to "Canadian Airline Softball" and have kept that name ever since.  Canadian Airlines was eventually purchased by Air Canada in 2001.

At our inaugural tournament in April 1988, we had 8 teams.  Lets take a walk down memory lane as we remember our original 8.

From Wardair Toronto we had the "Sluggers", "Administrators" and "Flying Bats".
From Wardair Tampa we had the "Fighting Flamingo's"
From Canadian Airlines Toronto we had the "Non Stops"
From Eastern Airlines Tampa we had the "Raiders"
From Delta Airlines Tampa we had the "Flyers"
and we invited a local Tampa radio station "WFLA"

In the Championship game, the "Flyers" from Delta Airlines  hammered the "Administrators" from Wardair 16-0 and in our inaugural Allstar game, Team USA beat Team Canada 5-4.

A lot has happened since that inaugural tournament.  We have made stops in Clearwater, Ft. Lauderdale, Phoenix, Toronto and Honolulu.  We now host our only annual tournament in Honolulu every November.  Teams have joined us from Canada, USA, England, Australia and New Zealand.

Not only do we organize softball tournaments, but it turns out we arrange marriages as well.  Many a couple has married as a result of having met at our events and some of those marriages enjoyed their honeymoon's right before or just after our events in Honolulu and Clearwater.  We even hold bragging rights to international marriages as men and women from England and Canada have hooked up for a life of wedded bliss.

Now here is the toughest thing of all to admit.  We have been organizing the events for so long that our kids our joining us on the ball fields to pick up where our aging legs have left off.  What we thought was slo pitch looks more like a blazing fast ball now that many of us our in our 40's and 50's s believe it  or not.   There are still many young new comers on the scene to replace us aging airline folk but us older folk have the benefit of experience over the braun of the younger talent.

In all we would like to say that attending our tournaments is not just about softball.  It is a time and place to have fun in the sun, play a little softball, socialize and maybe even meet that special guy or gal you have been looking for.  We'll do our best to make your time in Honolulu a memorable one, one you'll never forget and you'll be sure to tell everyone about when you return home.

We have some special things planned for  this years tournament and we will be seeking your input over the upcoming months as we continue with our organizing plans for this years event.

Visit us often as we will be adding to the site on a regular basis with more information about this years tournament.

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